Treatment for breast cancer may have affected your appetite and you may feel too tired to eat proper meals.

But a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and some fruit, can play an important part in your recovery from treatment and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Our qualified nutritionists can give you practical suggestions to help improve your diet, maintain a healthy weight, boost your natural defences and increase your energy levels.

Eating healthily can also boost your mental and emotional wellbeing by supporting the health of the brain and nervous system. It can give you back a sense of control and positive involvement in your recovery.

In addition to our nutritional therapists’ advice, we can also offer you two helpful publications to make it easier for you to follow a healthy eating plan. The Haven’s Guide to Healthy Eating tells you everything you need to know about what should be on your meal plate as well as outlining our nutritional recommendations and reasoning behind them. An excellent companion to this publication is The Haven in your kitchen which is packed full with seasonable recipes which you and your family can enjoy. You will be amazed at how tasty healthy meals can be.

Our films on healthy eatingmaking a smoothie and making a green juice as well as our Food for thought blogs may also be helpful. 


Nutritional Therapy is available at London, Hereford, Leeds, Wessex and Worcester Havens.