Many of our Visitors have found shiatsu beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia, as well as some of the side-effects of drugs.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese form of massage. The word shiatsu literally translates as ‘finger pressure’.

The practice is sometimes referred to as acupressure as it uses the same meridians (energy channels) used in acupuncture.

It comes from the theory that good health depends on the balanced flow of electro-magnetic energy, ‘chi' in Japanese, through the meridians and that when this energy comes stuck or the channels blocked, this leads to illness.

The shiatsu therapist aims to release stuck or blocked energy by gently pressing on specific points, or gently stretching the body, according to your needs. Thumbs, palms, or sometimes elbows, knees and feet may be used to give this treatment.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing, nourishing, calming and restorative experience. Regular sessions can help prevent a build-up of stress.


Shiatsu is available at London, Hereford and Leeds Havens.