His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales

I have been Patron of this inspiring charity for 20 years and I am enormously proud of the vital work it does in supporting those with breast cancer.

Today, 150 women in the United Kingdom will hear the life-changing news that they have breast cancer. Currently, in the U.K., 600,000 people are living with, and beyond, breast cancer.

Our N.H.S. provides excellent medical treatment, but often this can have arduous physical and psychological impacts on patients, and in turn, on their loved ones.

Unavoidably, I know there have been agonizing delays in cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery due to this dreadful pandemic, and this has resulted in an inevitable backlog for medical care. Breast Cancer Haven is here to support these patients during what is, inevitably, a most anxious time for so many.

Through a personalised programme of complementary care, Breast Cancer Haven provides essential mental, emotional and physical support to anyone who needs it.

Following the coronavirus lockdown, Breast Cancer Haven swiftly adapted to delivering services online and over the telephone, which has allowed a greater geographical reach and improved access across the entire United Kingdom.

Despite the significant financial impact caused by this pandemic, all of these programmes of care are still offered free of charge.

I can only express my most heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported the work of Breast Cancer Haven this year, and who have made it possible for more and more people to look forward with hope.