Nerea Pajares


First of all many thanks for coming up to this point and show interest on my fundraising!! I hope that the following information will push you a little bit more and that you will finally decide to contribute with whatever amount you can! =)

Breast cancer can be a long, exhausting and demotivating disease. That is why community support is so important during those hard times and where Breast Cancer Haven takes part!

Breast Cancer Haven offers a free programme of care supporting people with breast cancer and their families. Staffed by specialist teams, Breast Cancer Haven centers across UK are welcoming centres providing counselling, information and complementary therapies before, during and after medical treatment. Working alongside the NHS and other healthcare professionals, Breast Cancer Haven promotes integrated breast cancer care, where conventional and complementary medicine work together to heal both the body and the mind. Your sponsorship, starting from as little as £3, make possible to continue with the centers´ activities. This is what your fundraising could pay for:

- £3 An initial phone call with a trained advisor who can offer practical support
- £5 Breast Cancer Haven information pack for someone recently diagnosed
- £35 An hour long individual therapy session for a visitor
- £120 Three hours of counselling with a Breast Cancer Haven Counsellor
- £200 Six hours counselling with a Breast Cancer Haven Counsellor
- £975 A specialist Breast Cancer nurse for one week
- £1,500 The full Breast Cancer Haven programme for one Visitor

We have until next 9th of July to get the most people involved as possible and be able to give one Breast Cancer patient the most help we can!!

Thank you very much for your help and make my run count even more!!!


Nerea Pajares