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Dear Family and Friends, 

On October 9th I've decided to strap on a parachute and jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane. I'm dreading it - and looking forward to it at the same time.

The idea came in January when Mum took all the family to see The Haven in Titchfield, Hampshire, a house that has been converted into a treatment and advice centre for men and women with breast cancer. A room there has been named for Liz Young - an amazing friend of my Mum. Liz died of her breast cancer when I was 9, I remember her so well.

This is my chance to say farewell, and thank you, to Liz. 

As I clench, scream and jump I will be thinking of Liz.

And all the people we know who have breast cancer. 

And the people kind enough to click donate and sponsor me. I know you have done it before for other good causes - too many times to count. And I will be very lucky if you decide to do it again now, for me, for The Haven, for all the people who will have a better tomorrow, because of your today.



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