Deb Davey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017. I had two small lumps and was due to have a lumpectomy but further tests revealed further lumps and the need for a mastectomy. Coming to terms with the need for a mastectomy was more than I thought I could cope with, I hate hospitals and this would be a much bigger operation. My breast care nurse suggested contacting Breast Cancer Haven. I received an appointment within a few days and it was suggested that Hypnotherapy would help prepare me for the operation and keep me calm. I also had the opportunity to talk about my concerns and fears and practiced my breathing which was essential for me to actually get into hospital. I had the sentinal lymph node removed on 20th October and mastectomy and lymph node clearance on 3 November 2017.

After my operation, I kept in touch with Breast Cancer Haven and when I was able to drive, continued with my therapies. I also started acupuncture and shiatsu which helped with the exhaustion and side affects of tamoxifen. I felt guilty because I didn't need chemotherapy or radiotherapy and that I had got off lightly! At an induction day, I met some amazing ladies who had different stories to tell, some had a really difficult time and others with similar experiences to me. We talked about how we were feeling and coping, many of us hadn't really come to terms with having cancer, let alone recovering from it.

It was at this session that I was encouraged by several ladies to take part in the Blossom Fashion Show as it was great day but also lots of fun, as well as raising funds for Breast Cancer Haven. I can be quite shy so to get up on the stage will take a lot of effort, the ladies in my group have been very encouraging and supportive. We are in this together and we will get though it together, hopefully having some fun along the way. I've had my fittings for my clothes on the catwalk, my second was with a group member which was a lot of fun, not something you associate with cancer. We have one more rehearsal and then the fashion show next weekend.

I would like to ask friends and family to help me raise money for taking part in the fashion show and supporting Breast Cancer Haven to continue to help other ladies (and gentlemen) who need someone to be there when going through cancer.

I'm also hosting a Big Tea Cosy on Saturday 24 March, at 2.00pm at my house, if you would like to attend.

Thank you for reading my story. Debs xx

Deb Davey