Deborah Hough In May 2015 I began a journey I never thought I would take..I received treatment from the NHS at Pinderfields the breast care team were excellent.I also had brilliant support from family and friends both near and far.
My treatment came to an end in February 2016 and that's when I crumbled no longer feeling strong enough to cope I was given the number of haven Leeds and from my initial call I felt they understood. I received an initial consultation and my therapies were arranged the staff are so caring and knowledgeable the centre is so relaxing...I began to feel more like myself (apparently my feelings were normal!!)I had to stop being so tough on myself. I then had another set back when I lost my mum...again the haven was there for me .
I now feel strong enough to end my journey by running the Leeds half marathon Chris has agreed to run too he's been by my side throughout ( I couldn't have done it all without him)we will start together but I'm sure he'll win !
I would like to raise money for haven which is heavily dependent on donations to support women during or after their treatment for breast cancer they work alongside the NHS and other healthcare specialists .We are lucky to have our own centre in Leeds they certainly helped me.
Thanks for reading xx Deborah Hough