My mother had breast cancer. I was 24 when I lost her to the disease, she was 53. I've lived longer now without her than I did with her but I am grateful and blessed to have had her for the time I did. She was a very special woman.

My own diagnosis came in July 2018. Up until that point I was convinced it would never happen to me, my genes are different (so I thought). But it did and it's changed my life in many ways - some for the better, some not so great. I now have to get used to life with only one breast. At least it's a breast and not an arm or a leg! Yes, I consider myself lucky. I've had the best care, the right treatment, I have a wonderful husband and family and am surrounded by people who love me. I want to stay around and thrive, not just for me but for them..........and my mum. I'm nervous about strutting my stuff down the catwalk as a lopsided middle-aged lady but I'm also proud to be part of this fundraising event.

Alison Pittaway