Emma Scott I thought if I’m going to chuck myself out of a plane, I’m going to do it for charity so that someone gets some benefit of me jumping out of a plane.”

Hi, my name is Emma and back in August 2016, I climbed Ben Nevis and raised over £500 for Breast Cancer Care. It was a fantastic opportunity to raise money for such a great cause close to my own heart and raise awareness.

In December 2015 my mum was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, enduring her battle through hair loss, chemotherapy and radiation… But she came out a survivor and I’m so thankful for that

So, THIS YEAR, May 2020, I will be doing a sponsored Skydive for my 30th Birthday, and with your help I can reach my target again of £500!
It will be 15,000ft jump, involving free falling for a full 60 seconds before parachute soaring!! 😱
This is an amazing opportunity to raise more money for Breast Cancer Haven and with your support and generosity I can muster the courage to take the jump! Emma Scott