Janet Drury Breast Cancer Haven is a remarkable charity that I want to be available for all who need it in the future.
It undertakes valuable work to help its visitors to come to terms with having a life threatening illness and dealing with side effects of treatment, that can be life long and life changing.
Every visitor is made to feel that they are special and that their quality of life matters. The way in which Lizzie and her team ensure that the Blossom models are truly pampered and lauded to boost self esteem reflects this.
The photo shows me playing tennis on holiday in Spain a few weeks after retiring. I was completing one of the challenges that my colleagues at Shaw Cross School had set me to help me enjoy the next phase of my life. Little did I know that that in the months ahead that I was to become a "celebrity" on the Blossom 2018 catwalk and then appear on TV prior to BCH's 10th anniversary bash. These things did not appear on my bucket list. Nor did breast cancer. Breast Cancer Haven has been so special to me. The support that I have received from staff, therapists and other visitors, who all form part of the BCH family, has empowered me to overcome my initial setback and enjoy working through my list. This includes playing paddle tennis again despite sustaining a second ankle injury in April 2018. The pilates has really helped me to develop balance and stability, as well as dealing with stiff joints. I feel really privileged to be partaking in Blossom 2019, but with two dodgy ankles and a stiff shoulder, I hope that I don't wobble!!
I know that the whole occasion will be another fantastic experience but at the forefront of my mind will be the wonderful Trish. She became a much loved "Blossom Buddy" last year but sadly has recently passed away. Janet Drury