Vicky Bailey Hi! I’m back again doing the Blossom Fashion Show on the 15th March!

As many of you know I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in May 2018 and I have been visiting The Breast Cancer Haven since, to access the treatments and groups that they offer.

I go to a secondary breast cancer group once a month at The Haven and it really is invaluable - it allows us all to chat, laugh and cry with others who just know and get ‘it’.

As bad as breast cancer is, going to Breast Cancer Haven lets me meet others, makes it a less scary place and keeps me positive and happy to live life.

Thankfully so far my scans have shown I am stable and hopefully will be for a good while yet :)

If you can please spare a few pounds to sponsor me, I’ll do an extra little dance on the day and both The Haven and I will be very grateful xx Vicky Bailey