After exactly 12 months from diagnosis to end of treatment The Haven has been a tremendous support for me.
My treatment consisted of chemotherapy, until it had to be stopped as my body organs were shutting down, and then radiotherapy.
I am a really positive person, but as well as cancer I had previously had to deal with divorce, being potentially homeless, (my kids came to the rescue), no income (I had to give up fostering due to illness) little money, no entitlement to benefits, (only paid Class 2 stamps whilst fostering) and the inevitable nervous breakdown. Just 3 years of hell, followed by my cancer diagnosis. I wondered what else life was going to throw at me!

However, thanks to my family and friends the NHS and Breast Cancer Haven I have survived and still smiling, well most of the time!
I have the Haven on my doorstep and it is like having a big cuddle waiting for you when you need it.
I have accessed information courses suitable for my stage of treatment and rehabilitation, acupuncture, pilates, counselling, lunches together and the opportunity to volunteer and make friends with others on their journeys. Not forgetting the Haven team who are so understanding and have no expectations of how you should be, but just accept you as you are.

I try to volunteer when ever I can to try to put back what I have taken out. This is important to me so that others can benefit from this wonderful resource.
All my above issues are sorted for now,and I am moving forward, but who knows what is going to happen in the future? Having had cancer I know that I and anyone else who has had breast cancer, (no matter how long ago), or be diagnosed with it in the future, will be welcomed with open arms.

I am going to be 'strutting my stuff' with others at the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport on 11 May wearing clothes from John Lewis. Sadly we are not allowed to keep them.

Love to you all

This is why I am asking you, if you can, to support me with this fundraising appeal. (If I can do this, I can do anything!!!)

Jean Joannides