SANDRA ibbitson In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 2 grade 3 12mm right invasive breast cancer at the age of 40. I really thought my life was over at the age of 40. I had two lumpectomies, sentinel node removal, axillary node clearance (the cancer had spread to one lymph node) 6 rounds of EC-T chemotherapy, 20 sessions of radiotherapy. I have now done just over 2 years of endocrine therapy (tamoxifen) another 8 years to go. It was a horrific period of my life and going to Haven help me get through the gruelling treatment and help me to piece my life back together. The picture of me with the G.I jane look was taken after I had to shave all my hair off as it had started to fall out after the first chemo. Nearly three years on, life has returned to a new normal and is better than the old toxic life I had pre-cancer. I thought my life was over in 2014 but it wasn't as I was reborn to be a better and a stronger person. I have got rid of the toxic that was in my life. I am back studying, travelling and doing things I would not even considered doing if it wasn't for cancer ie doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, being a catwalk model for the blossom show and now training for the Leeds 10K. So even though getting cancer is horrible, it is also a blessing as its shows who is there for you and who is not and makes you realise how incredibly fragile life is. So please help me raise much needed funds for the Haven so they can continue to provide services and support to cancer patients on their terrifying journey into the unknown. Any donation big or small is welcome so please please donate what you can. thanks SANDRA ibbitson