Louise Gardner Please would you help me to help others going through breast cancer?

When I was 41, I had two lumpectomies to remove a tumour in my right breast, followed by radiotherapy and five years on Tamoxifen.

When I found a lump right at the top of my right armpit in September 2014 I went through the scariest few months of my life ... for the second time.

This time around however there was much more support available. The Haven helped me learn some great relaxation techniques which, together with their nutrition advice and some lovely tattooed eyebrows, made such a difference especially since I worked through my treatment.

When you're little you've no idea what life is going to throw at you but you think it's all going to be rosy. When you get a cancer diagnosis it's like the world has collapsed around you. The Haven helped me keep some control over my life when it was totally topsy turvy.

On 13 March I will be braving the cat walk modeling some beautiful lounge wear from Swanky-Pants.com in Harrogate. I know I won't be subjected to an electric shock and end up covered in mud, nor will I be free-falling from a jumbo jet or abseiling down the Eiffel Tower but, believe me, I will be as nervous as hell on the day.

Please donate as much as you can to help others through the dark days of cancer treatment and out into the sunshine again. The Haven is a Registered Charity No 1061726.
Louise Gardner