Michelle Wright

Breast Cancer Haven has been established here in the UK for 10 years and is still here to help because of proceeds raised by the public. They get no government funding and unfortunately, when breast cancer is kindly supported through fundraising, Breast Cancer Haven is not on the top of people’s list and is over shadowed by some organisations such as Cancer research and Macmillan.

After been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past mentally after I went into remission I struggled with life after treatment and trying to find the new me/ normality. The best thing I ever did was go to Breast CancerHaven for help. There I met some amazing people who truly care about every person who steps through that door. Two people who will always have a mark on me I need to mention the manager Deborah who runs the Leeds centre and Sally the psychologist. These two ladies are amazing and have helped me more than they can imagine. I’ve never met anyone who cares so much like these ladies. 

You are given a consultation and 7 sessions free to what would be beneficial in your recovery to move forward. These include therapy, acupuncture, dietician and herbal appointments to help you change your lifestyle and a welcome day of relaxation and acupuncture and a beautiful lunch and they never ask for any contributions even though without this they wouldn’t be able to continue running. How many times I have called or gone in with fear and Deborah has been there open armed offering advice from her 20 years as a breast care nurse. Breast Cancer Haven doesn’t get supported enough and they are incredible.

Let’s support this amazing company more for everything they do for people and everything they have done for me. Every little helps them continue as a company for those who really do need to be held together

Thank you

Michelle Wright