Sheree Taylor

As many of you know the past 16 years have been a long hard journey for me, however life is for living. I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places around the world and hope to see many more. I always live my life to the full and try not to be beaten but with hope in my heart and a smile on my face I am still here to tell my story.

My story began December 2003 when I found a lump in my left breast, after many tests and a breast cancer diagnosis in Jan 2004 I had a lumpectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy which was a horrible time in my life for my family and I, feeling tired all the time, vomiting and loosing my hair which caused me much heartbreak as many people are not as understanding as those closest to you. Eventually my road to recovery began, but not for long.

Sept 2004 after feeling unwell and falling asleep, I woke and was admitted to hospital where I was told I had suffered a stroke and was unable to move my right side. Due to the cancer medication and the stroke I had to have ovarian obliteration which resulted in a hysterectomy. I spent 6 weeks in hospital due to the clot effecting my eyesight, memory and movement causing very limited use of my limbs on my right side, I had to learn to walk, dress and feed myself all over again. After months of rehabilitation, my own determination and support from my family, friends and support networks like Breast Cancer Haven and Headway. Once again I was on the long road to recovery and living my life.

2012 I had an uncomfortable itch on my right breast which once checked it was again breast cancer, I was scheduled for a lumpectomy however due to the size of the tumour I had a mastectomy to remove my right breast, while also being tested for the Braca 1 gene my left breast was also removed.

My story is a long one but still ongoing today but I feel very fortunate that I am still here and cancer free. I hope my story encourages you all to give as little or as much as you possibly can to help keep fighting this disease.


Sheree Taylor