Samantha Pearce The Haven Breast Cancer support is an amazing Charity which offers a free programme of care supporting people with Breast Cancer and their families. Staffed by specialist teams, Breast Cancer Wessex provide counselling, information and complementary therapies before, during and after medical treatment.
£20 Could provide a someone who is newly diagnosed with a 'Haven at Home' pack.
£60 An Initial and follow up consultation with a Haven Nutritionist
£120 Could fund a three hour course of counselling for a visitor who is experiencing unimaginable distress and emotional turmoil.

From a personal aspect Emmas mother-in-law suffered from breast cancer but received excellent treatment and beat the disease. She remained dedicated to solving the cancer problem by signing up to help medical research, attending regular appointments beyond the point of her all clear to help further medical advancements in this field. The care and support provided by the Haven did not exist when suffering from the disease, she coped as she was an amazing lady but would have benefited greatly from their centres.

Please donate whatever you can, The Haven is vital. 1 in 8 women and 300 men in this country are likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The need for the Haven Breast Cancer services are more important than ever.

Thank you so much x Samantha Pearce