Rachel Smith

One in eight women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives. We must all know at least one woman who has/has had breast cancer, and have seen just how difficult it can be.

Breast Cancer Haven aims to make life more bearable for anyone going through diagnosis and treatment, or struggling to cope with life after their illness. Visitors can receive complementary therapies, emotional support and practical advice at Breast Cancer Haven, London, which helps them to retain some calm, control and stability in their lives. This is so important because medical treatment can be gruelling and the psychological impact severe.

We're joining forces and running the Royal Parks half marathon to raise some money for the wonderful Breast Cancer Haven, London. We want to raise £1,000 for this fantastic cause - enough to provide 25 ladies (or men) with an all important session of counselling, restorative massage or acupuncture to help relieve them of chemo-related aches and pains or sickness.

So far we've managed a grand total of ONE training run between the two of us.... so we'll need all the support we can get!

Thank you xxx

Rachel Smith