Jacob Blangsted-Barnor On 29th July I will be taking part in a charity boxing event. I will be doing this to try and raise money for The Haven. A charity that helps women deal with breast cancer and the challenges that come with it.

This charity helped my mum a lot when she had to deal with breast cancer and it deserves all the help it can get to continue helping women struggle through these times.

A better insight to how they help has been taken here from their website -

We offer advice on practical things like money and work, help combatting stress, exhaustion and nausea, advice on healthy eating and exercise. And above all, there will always be someone to talk to about your deepest fears.

Our trained professional nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers listen to your individual concerns and give you all the practical, emotional and physical support you need in a tailor-made package.

Our support is free of charge and available in our beautiful Haven centres – which are as far away from a hospital environment as you can imagine.

Each Visitor to The Haven can expect to receive up to ten free hours of therapy time. In addition, you will also receive two hours of nurse specialist time at the beginning and end of your tailored programme. Jacob Blangsted-Barnor