Theresa Oldroyd On 2 April 2017 I ran the Rome Marathon for Breast Cancer Haven, a charity that supports ladies through the trauma of breast cancer in a unique way. They offer a real haven of emotional support whilst the ladies undergo their treatment.

I have a wonderful brave fun friend, who has had breast cancer twice and has benefitted so much from the practical support provided by a team who understood how she felt and where she could meet others who were going through the same ordeal.

I recently attended an amazing fundraising event run by the Haven which was incredibly emotional. I came away in awe of the positivity and courage of all the woman involved as they braved the catwalk. I felt the joy of these ladies in finally being able to celebrate a milestone in their own personal battles.

Running a marathon seems a very small step to take in comparison with what all those ladies have achieved and the journey they have made and I'm hoping you will help me raise awareness and financial support for a cause that helps so many women through some very difficult times.

I managed under 4 hrs, which I'm very pleased with, especially as there was rain and thunder and lightening for the first few miles and the rain came back at the end........the cobbled streets are difficult to deal with at the best of times and the rain made them slippy and I managed a very unelegant fall near the end.

Overall, I loved the run and Rome is truely beautiful❤❤ Theresa Oldroyd