Breast cancer doesn't stop for....

We need your help

Lockdown may be lifting for many, but for someone with a diagnosis of breast cancer those feelings of isolation, loneliness and worry will continue long after restrictions are eased.

Being faced with a diagnosis of cancer means people are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression alongside the often gruelling physical side effects from treatment. In a recent survey of people using our services, nearly 70% felt that their emotional health had been affected by the COVID-19. So it’s vital that Breast Cancer Haven is still here for them, to give them somewhere to turn when they need it the most. 

We're working tirelessly to answer hundreds of calls every week and provide vital support to help the people who need us.

But we can only do this with your help.

Please, will you give a gift now and make sure we can still be here for the people who need us the most?

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Your support means we can:

  • Continue to provide and work to increase our live online support, bringing vital one-to-one therapies and classes to people wherever they are
  • Continue to provide free counselling for close friends and family members of anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Provide free mental health support for healthcare professionals who have been working tirelessly during this crisis and help them to release feelings of anxiety, and stress
  • Work towards creating a safe plan to restart our hospital outreach services
  • Reopen our remaining centres once it is absolutely safe to do so.

Donate now

I'm fundraising by doing a skydive for Breast Cancer Haven, to help them continue to support women & men affected by breast cancer, through their bespoke programme of support. When cancer came “banging on my door” and after enduring multiple surgeries,chemotherapy and further treatment over the years, it left me so fragile and vulnerable. I never thought I would walk this journey, not ever.

When I entered this “safe haven” it helped me in so many ways. I was fortunate enough to be given several wonderful treatments at Breast Cancer Haven. I came away feeling relaxed and fully supported. Doesn't everyone deserve to feel this way? By donating you will be supporting those who endure breast cancer.
Kind Regards & Gratitude,

Sandra O’Connell