Scott Coey Having seen first-hand loved ones and colleagues suffer through breast cancer surgeries, chemo and radiation I could not help but be moved by the fantastic work Breast Cancer Haven does in ongoing and post cancer care around what to do next as the surgery and chemo is only the first step. Haven offers assessments, counselling, therapies to help with symptoms and side effects as well as help with healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction and I have personally seen the positive impact this has had.

Now with this in mind I wanted to do something to raise money for these great people and as many of you will know I compete in multiday stage races and ironman all over the world but none of that seemed epic enough for me to come and you to donate to this wonderful cause. So I went out there and found the toughest thing I could find to challenge myself and challenged you to give all you can while I suffer. As you can see from the picture (and hopefully the title) I am going to run a marathon on each continent in the space of one week. This is a massive undertaking that I have been planning for over a year and with that I am asking you to support me anyway possible.

I will be accepting challenges in regards to multiplying the money raised so go on, 'up the ante'.

No matter how much pain this is it will never compare to what people that need Breast Cancer Haven go through so let's follow how much damage I can do to myself in hoping to make lives a little easier for those who have suffered more.

Check out the website for more details :
Scott Coey