Heather Victoria Haskins Welcome to my fundraising page!

I was diagnosed with Type 3 (fast growing), Stage 1 breast cancer on January 25th 2018, just 4 weeks after noticing a small lump on the side of my breast. Chemo began a week later, and I found myself thrown into the deep end of the Cancer Patient Pool. Fortunately my prognosis is very good; I am a single mum, with a 10-year-old son and have a lot of living left to do.

Unfortunately I don't drive, and my family is in Canada, so I knew I would need help. I decided to be open about my cancer, and put a terse message on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised at the response: one of my sewing students set up a Meal Train for us, and another friend suggested a WhatsApp group to share information when I need help. I have done this and the support and the love from everyone has made me so much more confident that I will beat this!

And so despite the discomfort of chemo side-effects, I am in a pretty strong place and I'd like to do my bit to hopefully help others be in that strong place too.

Heather Victoria Haskins