Janet Drury When I retired as Head in July 2017 my colleagues at Shaw Cross set me fifty challenges, to help me to refocus and make the transition from being exceptionally busy and time poor to being a lady of leisure. The picture you see is evidence of me fulfilling the "keeping fit" challenge whilst on holiday during term time (another challenge!) After surgery in October I needed to consider how I could remain active during convalescence, as for me this is an important part of my overall well being and integral to my recovery. Breast Cancer Haven have offered me the opportunity to attend classes run by specialists and have reached out to provide therapies and advice which have given me the belief that I can regain my fitness levels to play paddle tennis again! The holiday is already booked! Attending pilates and being part of the fashion show have enabled me to meet some wonderful people who have provided friendship and inspiration. I never expected to be presented with the challenge of catwalk but am honoured to add it as my 51st. Those of you with whom I worked know that I have done some crazy things to raise money for Comic and Sports Relief at school. This year on 18th March I am sure there will be some comedic aspects in my attempts to model. I call upon your generosity to support Breast Cancer Haven. Many thanks!!!! Janet Drury