My mum died of breast cancer when I was seven and in 2001 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2003, I was told that I carry the breast cancer gene along with my mom and sister. I had risk reducing surgery but was recalled 5 years later, to be told that my preventative surgery hadn't been done correctly as my surgeon was performing illegal and incomplete surgeries. The whole situation left me feeling very vulnerable and alone which led to anxiety and depression.

Eventually, I found my way to my local Breast Cancer Haven. I only went in for some information but the staff were so kind and caring and before I knew it I'd got an appointment with the nurse. I was given 10 hours of free therapy including counselling, reflexology and reiki. The treatments were amazing and I was made to feel so welcome by everyone at the centre. Finally I'm starting to love my body again, scars and all and I know that the help and support I've received from the BCH has greatly helped me with that. Now I can't keep away from the place!

I'm modelling in Blossom Fashion Show on Saturday 11 May.

Wendy Garvey