Promoting your event can be easy, fun and a great way to make sure people attend.

Firstly make sure you contact your nearest and dearest

  • Tell your friends and relatives about your event and ask them to pass it on to at least five other people
  • Add a link to your event fundraising page to your email signature
  • Send occasional updates to keep them up to date and interested

Use online tool

  • Create your own fundraising page here
  • Create a Facebook event and invite your friends
  • Share your comments, links, photos and videos
  • Write updates or tweets about your fundraising progress with reminders to donate
  • Like our Facebook page to link up with our network of supporters
  • Send a message to @breastcancerhaven on Twitter and we’ll retweet it
  • Write a blog for our website – contact [email protected] to do so

Contact your local media

  • Contacting your local radio and newspapers is a great way to spread awareness, this can be done before to advertise or after to celebrate
  • School newsletters are brilliant too
  • Make sure you give your information in a clear and precise way and include what, where, when and why you are doing it

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