We offer away days for health professionals so you can come and see for yourself why people affected by breast cancer find Breast Cancer Haven so helpful.

These days are FREE and are run at our centres throughout the year.

Health professionals' days differ slightly at each centre but are likely to include:

  • how Breast Cancer Haven can help people affected by breast cancer – free of charge

  • what emotional, physical and practical support is available to them 

  • which complementary therapies can help your patients cope with certain physical and emotional side-effects caused by breast cancer treatment.

  • how we ensure that our support dovetails with your patients' medical treatment for breast cancer

  • hear from some patients who have found our support services helpful

  • meet other people working with breast cancer patients and receive a certificate of attendance which can count towards your on-going personal development programme.

You can find more information and book onto our next Health Professionals' Days through our 'What's on listings' here or email your interest to [email protected] 

What other health professionals' say about these days:

Feedback about our open days is always very positive. Over 200 health professionals have attended these days in the past two years and 100% of them said they would feel confident in telling their patients about us following the day.

The day was a fantastic way to demonstrate benefits. I felt that the advice was very objective and sensible. Really loved the day and I will be sign-posting patients here.”   - Macmillan Patient Information Lead