If you have been a Visitor to The Haven and would like to help us raise awareness of our support services for people with breast cancer, please sign up to our Visitors Group.

Occasionally I will email everyone in this group to see if they can help out on various communications projects that arise, such as:

  • giving a case study for our website or for a funding proposal
  • being in a film to promote our services
  • talking to a journalist
  • speaking at an event
  • being in a photoshoot
  • getting your feedback on new projects, services or ideas 

Please give your name and email and click the SIGN UP button to join the Visitors Group. you will be sent an email containing a link where you should confirm your sign up.

If you do sign up: 

  • We will send you the occasional group email whenever a project arises that we think you may be able to help with. There would be no obligation to participate in any projects – it’s up to you to respond if you are interested.
  • noone else in the email group will be able to see your email address or contact you. Email will only come from The Haven marketing team.

We will not:

  • bombard you with emails. We will only get in touch if relevant projects arise. 
  • expect an answer to my emails from everyone – please just respond if you are interested in helping.
  • We will never share your contact details with third parties including journalists, consultants or other Visitors without your prior permission.
  • send fundraising donation requests to this Visitor Group. You are signing up only to receive emails about opportunities to help us by giving your experiences or feedback.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the group at any point, so if you are not feeling up to helping us out yet, just come back to this page at a later date, or if you want to help now but only for a short period of time, just unsubscribe when you have had enough. We will add an 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of each email we send.  

We hope you will sign up to our Visitors Group - it will be an enormous help to The Haven. 

Thank you.