What is life-work coaching?

Life-work coaching is a practical way to help you deal with changes and challenges more effectively. You can learn skills to gain confidence and a sense of control. Your coach can help you identify what you want to achieve, draw up a plan of action, work through challenges and obstacles and create positive new habits to achieve your goals.

What can life-work coaching help with?

Most visitors say that life-work coaching is very helpful and use it to help with issues such as coping during cancer treatment, returning to work or changing direction, renegotiating responsibilities at home or work, and improving relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Treatment Information

A course of three appointments is recommended. The first appointment takes an hour and a half, followed by two appointments of one hour each. The coach will guide you on the spacing of appointments. Life-work coaching requires concentration and so it is best not to arrange an appointment if you are feeling very weak. Before your appointment you might like to give some thought to any issues you wish to address.

We are currently offering life-work virtually and over the phone. Please call us on 0300 012 0112 to speak to someone.