This programme’s focus is on learning ways to manage the transition from the end of treatment onwards, to create the desired changes in your life and to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

Course Objectives

During this course you will learn how to find practical ways to transform your life for the better and move forward with confidence after your treatment has finished.

You will learn to:

  • Respond positively to any personal changes created by breast cancer
  • Set realistic goals to help you move forward with your life and transform it for the better
  • Deal with fear and uncertainty
  • Create new routines and habits to build a better lifestyle
  • Achieve a greater sense of calm and balance in your life
  • Devote more time to looking after yourself
  • Recognise when you need support
  • Boost your self-esteem


Who’s it suitable for?

  • Participants have completed or nearly completed their hospital-based treatment, are returning to active lives and have the energy to commit to the programme
  • There is a telephone interview to discuss and assess suitability for the course

Content and process

  • There are five evening sessions (between 6-8pm)which take place over a two month period:


Week 1 - 22nd February

Week 2 - 8th March

Week 3 - 22nd March

Week 4 - 5th April

Week 5 - 26th April


  • Each session covers a specific topic and incorporates information, reflection, discussion and practical activities
  • Simple relaxation/mediation is included each time so that the practice can deepen
  • There are homework suggestions, handouts for reading and a focus on each person taking the ideas further in ways relevant to them 

Evaluation and Feedback

  • The course has been rated as either excellent or good by 100% of attendees
  • 83% rated the specific objectives to be very well met
  • The aspects most enjoyed or most useful were meeting and sharing with others in the same situation and the practical tips, skills and strategies they had learnt


Participant comments:

“It gave me a map and guidance into the new me, gave me strategies to cope with negative and difficult emotions/times and gave me hope”

“Eve’s course has helped in unexpected ways: I smile more, I sleep better, I look forward more, I feel freer and talking, listening and being heard were most important [to me]”

“I realised that my feelings post-treatment were normal”

“Just being told how you can move forward – by doing little steps you can actually achieve things”

“It has been nurturing, and I have had time to reflect on what self-nurturing means to me. [A] Rejuvenating and life giving experience”

“Love the relaxation, didn’t realise how important it is”

“It’s great that the course focuses on us inside – I feel much more supported and ‘held’”



Eve Warren is the Breast Cancer Haven, London, Work-life coach.