We are always looking to improve our services for those affected by breast cancer. As part of this we have recently conducted a study looking into how third sector organisations, like us, can help women and men get through what can be the toughest time of their lives. 

The research looked at what support our visitors expect from us, what they want and need from us, and what support they find most helpful.

We found that the most frequent concerns our users have are emotional (77.6%) and physical (67.2%), while what our users expect and hope for when they visit us is information and advice, emotional support, a therapeutic space and therapeutic relationships.

The most helpful services that we offer, according to our users, are information, nutritional therapy, acupuncture and counselling.  

Every year around 55,670 people are diagnosed with breast cancer and this research highlights once again the importance of complementary therapies.

Although there we are always looking to improve, we are very pleased that 84% of our users at Breast Cancer Haven either get what they expected from us, or much more than they expected. One of our visitors who participated in the survey had this to say:

 “It literally was a life changing experience for me. From the moment the girls at reception greeted you, you immediately felt safe. Everything was geared to me as an individual. It didn’t matter if you became upset, everyone understood why. It was such a relief to me.”