Pamela Healy, The Haven's CEO, has welcomed the new ambition to eradicate deaths by breast cancer by 2050, as set out by the newly formed charity, Breast Cancer Now.

"I am full of admiration for the bold direction Breast Cancer Now has taken following the charity's recent launch last month. Everyone who works in a breast cancer environment, whether they're a health professional or a charity worker, will unreservedly support the vision that no more lives are lost as a result of the disease by 2050.

"It is a hugely ambitious goal and in order to achieve it, the whole sector will have to join forces. We will do just that.

"Whatever the future holds in terms of scientific breakthroughs in better life-prolonging treatments, breast cancer patients will still require a lot of support to help them get through it.

"We know from our work at our Havens that the psychological impact that a breast cancer diagnosis can bring to people is significant. We also know that the side-effects from surgery and treatment can be extremely debilitating. 

"Our one-to-one packages of physical and emotional support play a crucial role in meeting the needs of so many people affected by breast cancer. Our beneficiaries often refer to The Haven as a 'lifeline' in their recovery from this awful disease.

"As part of our mission to help improve the quality of lives of those affected by breast cancer we offer practical guidance and advice in healthy eating and exercise. There is so much evidence now that healthier lifestyles can play an important part in both cancer prevention and recovery.

"So I'll finish by wishing Breast Cancer Now all the very best of luck with fulfilling their brave, new vision that no more people will die as a result of breast cancer by 2050".