The Chancellor announced in the Autumn Statement on 25 November 2015 that funding of £2.65 million will be given to The Haven.  The funding will lead to the creation of a new Breast Cancer Haven centre in Solihull to provide the care and support needed in the region as well as to cover the running costs of the newly opened Wessex Breast Cancer Haven.

The West Midlands had already been selected as the location for potential new Haven, due to the incidence of breast cancer patients compared with other areas that our Clinical Team has evaluated; in conjunction with the location of the four existing Breast Cancer Havens.   

With more than 2,100 breast cancer patients each year* within a 35 mile radius of Solihull, Breast Cancer Haven already has overwhelming endorsement from healthcare professionals in the Heart of England Trust for the creation of a new centre. In the past two years, the Haven has organised breast cancer support days in Solihull as part of our regular outreach programme. These have been extremely well attended with many of the participants telling us that there is very little provision for breast cancer support in the area.

Following a highly successful capital appeal the Haven recently opened its newest centre in Titchfield. Never previously a recipient of any government funding, this sum will contribute to the running of Breast Cancer Haven, including service delivery – which costs around £465,000 each year.

Working in close conjunction with the NHS, Breast Cancer Haven offers a wide range of emotional, physical and practical support which includes complementary therapies, counselling, nutritional advice, exercise classes, financial advice and support groups for visitors and their families suffering from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Haven’s CEO, Pamela Healy, OBE says

“This news announced today is literally a game-changer for Breast Cancer Haven. It is also the best possible news for people affected by breast cancer. We know that we have a service that is so often life changing for so many women and their families who are going through the toughest time of their lives. But we need to ensure that more people can benefit from our vital support services. That is why we have embarked on an ambitious expansion programme to open more centres around the country.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the Chancellor’s substantial donation which is a huge boost to that expansion programme as it is helping our newest Haven in Wessex establish itself and it is creating a brand new facility in the West Midlands.  Words cannot express how delighted we are that the Government has recognised the importance of our work. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.”