"Exciting news from the Institute of Cancer Research today. Chief Executive, Professor Paul Workman (one of the world’s top scientists- I am a really big fan of his) announced a new research programme to interfere with the ability of cancer cells to develop resistance. Cancer often behaves along the lines of Darwinian evolution. The great majority of cancer cells may be killed off with initial treatment but a small number evolve, mutate and become resistant. This process keeps happening even with second and subsequent therapies so that the cancer eventually becomes totally drug resistant. This is the cause of most cancer deaths.

Professor Workman’s team are changing the entire way we think about cancer and they plan to focus on drugs which will stop cancer cells evolving and therefore prevent the development of resistance. Breast cancer is one of the main cancers that is going to be studied in this way.

The work is being done at a new Centre for Drug Discovery at The Institute of Cancer Research on its campus at Sutton and in the next 5-10 years it offers the hope of even more breast cancers being cured."

Ian E Smith
Professor of Cancer Medicine, Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute for Cancer Research, London
Breast Cancer Haven Trustee

Read the BBC article here.