Macmillan Cancer Support recently released some data from the Electronic Holistic Needs Assessment which revealed the top ten concerns burdening people with cancer.

The concerns reported were:

1. Worry, fear or anxiety
2. Tiredness / exhaustion or fatigue 
3. Sleep problems / nightmares
4. Pain
5. Eating or appetite
6. Anger or frustration
7. Getting around (walking)
8. Memory or concentration
9. Hot flushes / sweating
10. Sore or dry mouth

This list is identical to the concerns that Haven Visitors often report when they seek our help as Dr Caroline Hoffman, Clinical & Research Director, points out:

"The reason The Haven was established in the first place was to help the unmet needs of people suffering from the emotional and physical side-effects of breast cancer. The NHS does a brilliant job in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease but they are not equipped to offer in-depth support to people once the treatment has ended.

"All our Visitors complete an assessment at the start of their Haven programme which lists their concerns as a result of their breast cancer. The Macmillan list is almost identical to the concerns commonly reported to us. Top of that list are the emotional symptoms, such as anxiety and fear so our counselling service is a popular choice amongst of our beneficiaries. 

"All of our therapeutic help and support help mitigate Macmillan's top ten concerns. Our service evaluations bear testament to this."