The number of breast cancer nurses in England has remained constant at 434 since 2007 whilst the number of breast cancer cases has risen from 38,153 in 2003 to 44,831 in 2013, a rise of 18% according to research conducted by Breast Cancer Care. This widening gap between the number of newly diagnosed cases and the number of breast care nurses will inevitably put pressure on this valuable resource.

According to the Government’s Cancer Strategy everyone with cancer should have access to a specialist breast cancer nurse, however with their ever growing patient lists the time allotted to each patient is reducing significantly. Although the survival rates from breast cancer have improved markedly, the side effects and complications from treatment put significant pressure on breast cancer nurses who provide the treatment and support.

The Haven is helping to fill this resource gap by offering all of our Visitors the opportunity to spend time with our qualified breast cancer nurses at each of our Havens. Every Visitor has an initial session of at least an hour with a breast cancer nurse followed by review meetings and phone discussions if required.

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