Our vision

Everyone affected by breast cancer gets the help they need.

Our mission

We exist to improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer by providing personalised emotional, practical and physical support.

Our values


We recognise the strength in the women we work with and support their desire to have control over their breast cancer journey. We talk to our service users and supporters about what's great in them - not just what's good about us. Their victories are our victories.


Breast cancer can take a great deal from women. But we focus on what we can put back. We look for solutions in everything and we know we can make any situation better. Even at their lowest point, we do our best to help people find a more positive outlook.


We reflect the bravery and determination of the women and families we work with. We're committed to supporting women through the good days and the bad - making sure they get the additional help and treatment they need every step of the way.