I'm fundraising for Breast Cancer Haven

Michelle Wright

Breast Cancer Haven is there for people effected with cancer or help support someone who has a loved one effected by cancer.

We are fundraising for Breast Cancer Haven

Fitness Team

We are a team of 20 fitness enthusiasts all with varied fitness levels - with the same goal to complete the 5km Kapow! Superhero Challenge on Sunday 30th June.

Hereford Blossom fashion show 2019

Mandy James

To raise as much as possible so others can benefit from the amazing work Breast Cancer Haven does

Ali's Let's All Blossom

Alison Pittaway

Breast Cancer Haven helped me learn to thrive in the face of a potentially life-threatening disease and I want to give something back, plus I get to hang out with other amazing and beautiful fellow thrivers.

I'm fundraising for Breast Cancer Haven

Harriet Knight

Running London Marathon to raise money for the Haven

Blossom Fashion Show 2019 in aid of Breast Cancer Haven, West Midlands

Caroline Smith

Breast Cancer Haven were there for me when I was struggling coming to terms with my diagnosis. I want to give something back, to help support people who will go through breast cancer in the future.

Walking the catwalk for Breast Cancer Haven

Melissa Casares

I'd like Breast Cancer Haven to support more people going through treatment.

Breast cancer firewalk


As it’s a great cause and want to do something to help raise awareness and of course money for this charity

Ship to Shore

Eithne Williamson

Niki takes to the catwalk again

Niki Tomlinson

I am honoured to have been invited back as a model for the Blossom Fashion Show. Such a fantastic event for a great charity.

I'm fundraising for Breast Cancer Haven

Pauline Crisp

I am fundraising to help beat this disease as I have friends who have suffered in the past and I to help protect people from going through this in the future. For my Daughter and Grandaughter's future health.

Donna's Firewalk

Donna Morgan

Fundraising to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven supporting women and their families through their welcoming centres.

Supermodelling for BCH

Unverified User

I need a bit more support than Rigby and Peller can provide on their own, while showing off their lovely underwear in aid of Breast Cacner Haven.

Burning with desire to end this tyrant

Krystallo Papa

We are fundraising for Breast Cancer Haven because we have all be touched one way or the other by breast cancer.

Blossom Fashion Show Leeds 2019

Jan Ellingworth

I was lucky enough to receive some very special advice, treatment and support which helped me and my family and friends through a difficult time when I was being treated for breast cancer. Now it is my turn to find a way of saying thank you and to support other people accessing the services of the Breast Cancer Haven.

Deirdre Kenny

Deirdre Kenny

I am walking barefoot on hot fire embers to support the fight against breast cancer.

Tim's Firewalk 2019

Tim Mathieson

The company that I work for, Carnival UK, are raising money for Breast Cancer Haven throughout 2019 to support the wonderful work that they carry out in the local community helping people affected by breast cancer.

Solent Singed Soles

George French

The Solent Hotel & Spa are a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Haven and want to support in their fundraising.

Hot footing it for Breast Cancer

David Curtis

We know many people who have been affected by breast cancer and this is our way of giving back

I hope that I don't wobble!!

Janet Drury

Breast Cancer Haven is a remarkable charity that since my diagnosis in 2017 has supported me in coming to terms with breast cancer and provided me with the knowledge and the skills to help overcome the side effects of my treatment and medication. Throughout the year I have made some wonderful friends through Blossom 2018 and my weekly Haven pilates classes. During this period I have witnessed the valuable work that Haven has undertaken in order to help new visitors and friends who have suffered.


Satnam Rana-Grindley

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017. The West Midlands Breast Cancer Haven was the first place I turned to when I needed help.

Nat does Blossoms Fashion Show

Natalie Chapman

I was lucky enough to find this wonderful place early on in my own treatment for breast cancer in 2018. The therapies, support and advice helped me through it. It’s a lovely warm friendly place to go where everybody knows what you are going through. So I would like to give something back to say thank you! Xx

My tea cosy party 2019

Catherine Ibbs

Breast Cancer Haven is an amazing charity who helped me last year with treatments and support.

Laura's Fire Walk

Laura Bowyer

I want to support this amazing charity

Breast Cancer Haven fund raiser

Angela Wright

I’m raising money for Breast Cancer Haven to help them give support & therapy to breast cancer patients. It’s an amazing place.

Taking to the catwalk again for this truly amazing charity.

Alison Newton

Breast Cancer Haven helped me through my diagnosis in 2015, this is my opportunity to say Thank you and raise both awareness and funds for such an amazing charity.

Modelling in the 2019 Blossom Fashion Show

Sheree Taylor

To raise awareness of the support available at Breast Cancer Haven which I have first hand experienced of.