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Support Group Film

Everyone going through breast cancer needs support in different ways. A diagnosis of breast cancer turns your world upside down and you may be facing many difficult emotions as you go through your treatment and beyond.

What happens in this film?

In this support group film, guided by a professional counsellor, you will hear people who are going or have gone through breast cancer treatment talking about common concerns. They talk about challenges of with dealing with fear around diagnosis of breast cancer and also at the end of treatment.  

You can find out what helped them emotionally to get through treatment. You will find out can help such as support from family and friends, or perhaps going to work. 

Understanding that there are many different ways to get through treatment and learning how to listen to your body and what you need. You can learn how you might need different things at different times and how not feeling alone is so important.

Find out how people can approach changes in body image such as losing your hair or having a mastectomy. 

Hear what it can be like for people close to you, including partners, family and friends. You can hear how helpful it is to know that other people are feeling the same way as you are.

Learn that at the end of treatment, how you may view life differently and how you might want to live differently going forward.

We also recognise that you might be in a situation where cancer has recurred, or you may be living with metastatic breast cancer and have ongoing support needs. 


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