Everyday Smoothies
Length 6.31 minutes


  • 80g fresh or frozen berries (try and find one that includes blackcurrants as these are highest in polyphenols)
  • 80g fresh or frozen pineapple/papaya/mango
  • 150ml orange juice
  • 200 ml cold green tea 
  • I like to add 1oz (28g) whole flax seeds or chia seeds for extra fibre. And healthy fats.

Blend for 60 seconds in a blender. Serves 1. Provides 14g fibre and 10g protein.

Feel free to experiment adding any veg of your choice (until it becomes unpalatable!) Spinach generally goes unnoticed (except for the colour change), but I prefer to eat mine whole.  This smoothie will give you an incredible 943mg polyphenols.  An article in the Journal of Nutrition reported that people who took in 650mg of polyphenols per day experienced 30% lower mortality than those eating less than 500mg. 

A study led by a team from the University of Navarra and the University of Jaen in Spain looked at the link between polyphenols and breast cancer in 11,028 women. They found that those with the highest consumption of polyphenols had a 62% reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those with the lowest intake.

You can use flaxseeds or chia seeds in this smoothie, both will add considerable levels of fibre.  However, my preference is flaxseeds as these have been studied in relation to breast cancer.  Some studies revealed that the ingestion of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with the reduction of breast cancer. Animal studies showed that they can decrease the growth, size, and cell proliferation and can increase the death of breast tumour cells. In several experimental studies, diets including 5 or 10% of flaxseed (approximately 25–30 g of flaxseed daily, in humans) inhibited the growth of the ER+ in human breast cancer cells injected in mice. The same happened with the growth of the ER−. Flaxseed also reduced the metastasis of ER− breast tumour.  During clinical trials, researchers have concluded that flaxseed has the potential to reduce the growth of tumours in patients with breast cancer, mainly postmenopausal women, and decrease the risk of this type of cancer.

Along with weight bearing exercise, polyphenols are also one of the best ways to combat the aches and pains that can be experienced by those taking hormonal therapy drugs or other aromatase inhibitors. 


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