Length 25 mins

Who are these exercises for? 

These exercises are designed to help restore and improve movement in the shoulders after breast surgery. 

This class is also useful just to loosen tight shoulders from everyday life and from sitting at a computer. 

What happens in this class?

Always modify the exercises to suit your body, starting with smaller movements and building up. You may feel some gentle stretching as you move but should not feel pain. 

The movements on this film are done quite fast and that you may want to slow these down and do smaller movements or fewer repetitions to suit your current ability. You might also want to skip any movements that are too strenuous for you at the moment.

Start the exercises on the unaffected side and then move to the side that has had surgery. You may wish to do the exercises more slowly, feeling free to rest and pause the video anytime that you need to.

The movements move the arms in a range of directions to help to loosen the range of movements. They then move on to some exercises for the core and legs.

What equipment do I need?

A yoga or Pilates mat or wear trainers if you have a hard or slippery floor. Have a chair or wall handy to use as a support if needed.

The exercise sequence is done in a standing position but you can also do some movements sitting down if that is better for you.

Caution You should not attempt these exercises in the first six weeks post-surgery. This video may not be suitable if you have problems with your scar healing, worsening pain, or a seroma; in these cases, please speak to your healthcare professional before your start. Some pulling or stretching during exercises is normal, but only go as far as you comfortably can and use the described modifications to avoid getting any pain.


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