Pilates – Post Operative Class

This class is designed for you after breast cancer surgery, making sure that you have also completed the post-operative exercises from the hospital before you start. It is a nice gentle class that will help you get moving and breathing.

Do take the exercises gently, particularly if you have not done much activity before.  You can build up to the full number of repetitions for each movement over time. You want to be kind to yourself, so only do the movements as far as is right for your body, without straining or forcing. 

What happens in the class?

The class starts in the standing position finding a nice balanced upright posture. 

Any movements are okay if you notice some tightness but ease off or stop if you start to experience any pain.

Gentle warming up movements with the shoulders, legs, and arms.  

Feel free to pause the video anytime you need to, have a rest or just finish the exercise earlier.

Then you come to a sitting position on the stool for the next set of exercises which involve exercises for the pelvic floor (stabilising your centre), gentle pulsing of the arms, gentle stretching of the legs.

You will come back to do some gentle standing stretches to finish.

What will I need?

  1. A stool (where you can sit upright with the knees bent and your feet flat on the floor).
  2. A small cushion
  3. A belt
  4. A folded hand towel to go over the stool
  5. If you have a mat to put on a hard floor or do this on a carpeted floor, that can be helpful. (You can also wear trainers if you have a hard floor beneath you).
  6. Wear loose, comfortable, stretchy clothing.

Caution You should not attempt these exercises in the first six weeks post breast-surgery. This video may not be suitable if you have problems with your scar healing, worsening pain, or a seroma; in these cases, please speak to your healthcare professional before your start. Some pulling or stretching during exercises is normal, but only go as far as you comfortably can and use the described modifications to avoid getting any pain.


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