Length 33.26 mins

This is a gentle Pilates class to help you gain strength and restore movement.

What happens in the class?

The instructor does this class alongside you so you can see all the Pilates movements.

The class begins with you standing up in an aligned and balanced way. You start with gentle standing movements that you can do to your own capacity. It involves gentle movements of the arms and legs. Always start off with small movements and work up to larger movements when your body feels ready.

After this, you are invited to move down onto the mat, lying on the back with the knees bent. You are given instructions about how to work safely with each exercise so that you do not overexert yourself and gain the maximum benefit.

There are options to work more strongly or not, depending on what you feel is right for your body. You can always stop early and relax if you have had enough doing a particular movement.

You can always pause the video to stay in a stretching pose longer or if you need to rest longer in between exercises.

The class finishes with a cool down of gentle stretches.

What you will need for the class:

1.You will need a mat, preferably a Pilates mat. If you are using a yoga mat, then please place a blanket over the top, or you can do this on carpet but not on a hard floor such as wood or slate.

  1. You will need a head cushion, this could be a couple of folded handtowels
  2. A kitchen type chair
  3. A resistance band (or an ordinary belt if you don’t have one of these)
  4. A cushion or another folded hand towel. The cushion wants to be 6-7cm (2-3 inches) when you squeeze it together.

Clothing: Wear loose, stretchy clothing.

Caution: Please only join this class after you are at least 6-weeks post breast surgery and you have completed your post-operative exercises. If you are unsure, please ask your healthcare professional. Ensure that you have no back pain and no major joint issues before commencing this class.




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