Length 24 mins

Who is this class for?

This guided gentle yoga class is designed to help relax and calm body and mind. These exercises gently stretch and open the body, releasing tension and tightness and helping the body to come back into its natural alignment.

Remember you should always limit the movements to suit your body’s own capacity and range of movement, never pushing of forcing the body into a position and pausing the film and resting if you need to.

What will I need for this class?

  1. A yoga mat or similar or folded blanket on the floor
  2. A yoga bolster or some folded blankets/rugs, or couple of firm cushions or pillows
  3. A yoga belt or any ordinary belt
  4. Wear loose, comfortable, stretchy clothing

What happens in this class?

These gentle and slow yoga stretches are done on a mat on the floor, starting with lying down, then moving to sitting stretches and then kneeling on the floor. There is a short standing sequence, then a lying down relaxation.

They are designed to help you relax but will also help to gently open and stretch the body too.

How often can I do this class?

This class can be done daily.

Caution You should not attempt these exercises in the first six-weeks post breast-surgery (as a minimum) and we recommend that you complete your post operative exercises first. This class may not be suitable if you have problems with your scar healing, worsening pain, or a seroma; in these cases, please speak to your healthcare professional. Some pulling or stretching during exercises is normal, but only go as far as you comfortably can and use the described modifications to avoid getting any pain.


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