What is in this film? 

In this film you will learn more about the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and your physical body. 

You can learn to be kinder to yourself and understand that, as a person, you respond better to kindness than harsh self-criticism and so does your wellbeing. You will hear how these affect our health and wellbeing, including your immune system will be described.

You will learn about the importance of mindfulness, the practice of bringing our attention back to a sense of embodied present moment awareness, as a way to promote our health and wellbeing. You can also use mindfulness to build inner resilience and inner strength.

The mind naturally wanders in life and in mindfulness practice, you can learn to bring it back kindly and gently each time this happens.

Participate in a mindfulness practice

You will be led through a mindfulness practice, which has a particular emphasis on working with difficulty. You will start with awareness of your body on its support and then opening this awareness to your experience of breathing.  You will have the opportunity to practise mindfulness allowing yourself to be just as you are, no matter what is going on for you. 

You will then hear from participants about their experience. 

Practise engaging your intention and imagination to help your mind and body 

Visualisation or using your imagination can help you to relax and also boost your immune system.

A guided exercise takes you to a special place of relaxation and calm where you can be completely yourself, nourished, care for and supported. Allowing yourself to feel as you would like to be, to be as you would like to be, allowing yourself to feel free.  

Participants  in the film then give feedback about how they found this exercise.


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