Mindfulness, compassion and visualisation practices

Increasing Love and Acceptance for Ourselves Visualisation

by Breast Cancer Haven | This takes you through a colour visualisation to increase love for yourself and for others.

Mindfulness Meditation

by Breast Cancer Haven | This guided mindfulness meditation, firstly bringing a gentle attention to your position and posture, the support being given to your body and the body as a whole. Then we bring awareness to thoughts coming and going, emotions that are present, physical sensations as they arise and pass away moment to moment. You then bring your awareness the natural sensations in the body of your breathing as it happens. You explore the way the mind naturally wanders as it does for everyone and how you can kindly bring the mind back to an anchor such as sensations in the body of your breathing to anchor yourself again and again in the present moment. You explore the awareness of sounds, thoughts and physical sensations in the present moment, meeting them with kindness and curiosity, coming back to the awareness of the breath in the body when the mind drifts off. This practice helps to relax, calm and re-energises you. It can help relieve stress and difficult emotional states as well as pain in the body.

Guided nature visualisation to support and enhance wellbeing

by Breast Cancer Haven | You are invited to imagine yourself in a safe, warm, sunny meadow surrounded by nature where there is a strong beautiful tree and a beautiful singing bird in the branches. You are invited to be nourished by these beautiful and joyful surroundings to support yourself, to help be held in an uplifting way in an effortless and easeful way. Exploring being grounded, experiencing joy and freedom in your mind. This will support you in feeling safe, warm, loved and joyful. Supporting you in cultivating harmony and wholeness.

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