What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is a modern sport that started in Finland. It is based on cross-country skiing and is a lovely form of exercise which you can do at home.

We specifically recommend Nordic walking at Breast Cancer Haven because it is a particularly good form of exercise for people who’ve had breast cancer.

Watch the video above and let our Nordic walking expert, Carolyn Garritt, show you how to do it.

Why is it helpful for people with breast cancer?

It is cardiovascular so it helps to work the heart and lungs which helps them get stronger.

Nordic walking also uses nearly all of the muscles in the body. This makes it really good for muscular strength.

The way Nordic walking uses the shoulders means it can restore shoulder mobility.

The way that it uses the muscles in the upper body means that it can rebuild strength into places that have been affected by surgery. It may also help reduce the risk of developing Lymphoedema.

Nordic walking is good for bone health because it is weight bearing. It can also help you manage fatigue. Something that many people struggle with for months after treatment.


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