Length 4.03 minutes

Overnight oats are a breakfast you make the night before, preventing any decision fatigue in the morning.

This recipe uses frozen berries, which is a great work around if you are having trouble with holding utensils or doing extensive food preparation. On average, this breakfast will give you 15g protein, and 15-19g fibre (daily recommended amount is 30g). Croissants might be lovely, but you’ll get just 1g of fibre! If you’re using dairy yoghurt or a calcium-fortified dairy alternative, this breakfast will also provide 448mg calcium.  You’re aiming for 700mg a day (unless you have osteoporosis, in which case it’s 1000mg).  Berries can also reduce cognitive fatigue.  Remember, both dairy and soy are both safe to eat even if your breast cancer was hormone sensitive. This recipe is also perfect for those on my weight management programme.  


  1. Soak 1 oz (28g) oats/oatmeal overnight in 6 oz (170g) fat-free natural yoghurt (Greek if you like it).
    If you are lactose or dairy free, try a dairy free alternative like soya or oat yoghurt. If you choose coconut yoghurt (natural only) use less as it is quite calorific. You could then loosen the mix with a little milk of your choice.

  2. Mix in 1 oz (28g) any nut or seed of your choice and top with 2 servings of any fruit of your choice (total weight 160g).  I like to use frozen mixed berries.  They are defrosted by the morning and the juices soak into the oats and nuts. You can use any fruit, fresh or frozen, but berries are rich in polyphenols which can reduce the aches and pains that can arise when taking hormonal therapy drugs. You can choose any nut or seed you like, and it’s good to mix it up to help you get towards your goal of eating 30 different plant foods each week.  However, if you are working on increasing your fibre intake, it is good to know that 1 oz chia seeds will add 10g fibre, and 1 oz of ground flax seed will add 8g fibre (and lots of polyphenols).

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