On looking good

In this film you look at ways to look good during and after breast cancer treatment. You will also find answers to lots of commonly asked questions. There is a small group of women who have gone through treatment who also explain what worked for them.

There is information and demonstrations given for these topics:

Hair including hair loss, how long it takes to grow back, using headpieces including scarves, hats and wigs. Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes are also addressed with makeup tips.

Bras following surgery are discussed and a range of answers are given by the group as to what worked for them. They suggest finding something comfortable that gives you adequate support. 

Clothing and jewellery work differently for different shaped bodies and faces. You can draw attention towards or away from different parts of the body with these as you wish.

This is a opportunity to experiment, be bold and creative, perhaps trying something completely different as you style yourself after breast cancer.


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