Length 34 mins

This is a seated then standing routine that can be done on an ordinary kitchen chair. Tai Chi’s gentle movements open and energise the body, even when sitting down.

This routine can be done daily.

You will be taken through a series of small Tai Chi movements to help relax and also release tension from your joints. 

Do these exercises carefully, not pushing or forcing yourself, just working within your own range of movement.

You will start by noticing the body, breathing and softening the body and noticing how you feel mentally and emotionally.

Then starting to bring movement into the body, starting with the hands, moving to the arms, the shoulders, the neck, the face, the jaw, the lips, the eyes. Then gently moving the upper back and spine forwards and back, side to side, then coming to the lower back, pelvic floor. 

Moving to standing, you can use the chair for support and the exercises involve moving the feet and legs. There are then some gentle movements through the whole body in the standing position.

The sequence finishes by coming back to a sitting position, gently breathing in and out and relaxing. 


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